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Social Media Marketing Packages & Prices

With these bundled packages you get amazing social media marketing for a great price. We do all of the work while you focus on your business and customers. Looking for more? We can design a Custom Package for your needs. Have questions? Please feel free to speak with a Social Media Specialist using our Live Chat.

No contracts. No setup fees. No hidden costs. Cancel anytime. 


Click the Package Features Below for Full Descriptions:

   We will create, design, and organize your Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ pages for you. If you already have pages we will optimize them to align with your social media goals.
  We make sure that 5 or more posts are being published from your pages per week. You are still free to post what you want when you want but you can rest assured knowing there will be content published when you don't have the time or desire to maintain your social media accounts.
   Your social media accounts need branded graphics. Conexticon will design your accounts for you using your company's branding. We will design Facebook profile and cover photos, Twitter backgrounds, Google+ cover photos, or whatever images are needed for custom social media channels. If you already have your own graphics we will adjust them accordingly for each social media channel. If you don't have your own graphics, we will design them for you based off of your current brand.
   Conexticon will curate custom content that is focused on your company's product, brand, or service. We will curate content that helps to accomplish your company's specific social media goals. We get to know your industry and we stay current by following industry leaders and news sources to find the best content for your pages. We place banner ads promoting your business at the bottom of third party curated content before publishing it from you pages. Followers who click on your posts and banner ads will be taken to your company's website.
   Our Social Media Specialists use software which analyzes your fans, friends, and followers and tells us when they are most active on social media. We publish your posts at those peak-times to give your pages maximum exposure. We publish your content at the times which encourage the most engagement.
   There are many different types of SPAM on the internet. Our Social Media Specialists monitor for SPAM daily and will remove it immediately upon discovery. There are varying levels of SPAM to monitor, from commercial bots to personal bulk messages; Conexticon will assess each bit of communication on your social media channels and will act accordingly to remove all SPAM from your company's channels.
   If your package includes Targeted Facebook Ads, Conexticon will create advertisements that drive customers to your business. We will design graphics and write copy for interactive campaigns which reach outside of your existing network to drive new traffic to your social media channels and company website, as well as generate leads for your sales funnel. We will help to define your target market and implement strategies that target that market efficiently and effectively. There are many ways to use social media as a marketing platform and Conexticon will help you turn your social media channels into marketing machines.
   Our Social Media Specialists will set up your company's Facebook messenger to auto-respond to inquiring customers.
   Our Ads Packages include ad design with unlimited revisions. We will design as many ads as needed for each ad campaign.
   These are the minimum monthly ad spend budgets required for our ads packages. Each ad campaign must meet their package's minimum ad spend requirements.
   Re-targeting ads are served to people who have already visited your website, landing pages, social media pages, or who have recently interacted with an Ad. These people show higher conversion numbers and are an essential part of an efficient automated online sales funnel.
   Custom Landing Pages are custom websites where a person who clicks on an ad is taken for more information about what is being advertised. These pages are important because they are designed specifically to keep the user's focus and to convert them to a new customer.
   Automated E-mails go out to people who leave their e-mail but only make it partially through a sales funnel in attempt to bring them back in.
   We set up an assortment of online tools needed to convert paid internet traffic into new customers on behalf of your company, as well as provide the daily maintenance and management required to keep everything running efficiently.
   Our Customer Acquisition Ads Package is designed to convert paid internet traffic into vetted and qualified leads who are primed to become new, loyal, happy, recurring customers.