Connect with your company's target market. Increase the amount of fans, followers, and customers in your network.



Inform your network about your company. Provide the information needed to make purchasing decisions and increase brand awareness.



Engage with your network. Develop relationships and establish trust. Listen, reply, and participate in online discussions relevant to your business.



Grow your business using social media as an effecient marketing tool which drives sales and acquires new customers. Increase your company's ROI.




 Social Media Marketing

     Conexticon will manage your company's social media channels. People expect to see their favorite brands and companies on social media. Conexticon will establish and maintain an online presence for you so that you can focus on the things which you and your company are best at.

      After signing up with Conexticon, a Social Media Specialist will research your company's brand and market. They will look to gain a complete understanding of what's most important to your business and work with you to establish a social media marketing campaign which best aligns with your company's goals.

      If your management package includes Targeted Facebook Ads, Conexticon will create advertisements that drive customers to your business. We will design graphics and write copy for interactive campaigns which reach outside of your existing network to drive new traffic to your social media channels and company website, as well as generate leads for your sales funnel. We will help to define your target audience and implement strategies which target that audience efficiently and effectively. There are many ways to use social media as a marketing platform. Conexticon will help you turn your social media channels into marketing machines.


    Conexticon uses the best and latest software to assist our Social Media Specialists with maintaining your company's social media channels. We stay up to date with best technology available so that we can efficiently and effectively maintain your accounts.

     We use software programs that crawl social media networks to find people talking about your business, analyze key metrics, schedule and publish posts at peak-times, discover relevant viral content, generate reports, monitor for SPAM, monitor for customer comments and inquiries, and much more.

     Our software works 24/7 so that you don't have to. We know that the best Social Media Management campaigns rely on the best software available, so we stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest programs available.











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About Us

     Conexticon isn't another Social Media Management Company that's just all about metrics, we are a company about relationships. Not just relationships with your company's network, but also relationships with our clients. We focus on customer service and we love to work directly with small businesses.

     We take great pride in helping businesses grow. We are a small business ourselves and we are dedicated to growing together with our clients. We add a personal touch that can't always be found with our competitors. We take ownership in our work and we love what we do.

     If you have questions about our services, please use our live chat feature in the bottom right corner of this website to speak with a Social Media Specialist. We would love to hear from you. If you know that Conexticon is who you need to manage your company's social media channels then sign up now and let's get started today!